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Business Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning is defined by a process that provides you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision. By taking a holistic, comprehensive approach, we work with you and your existing advisors to ensure your financial plan is coordinated and fully integrated. We believe your personal and business finances are intertwined, and we include all aspects of both in the planning process. During your onboarding, we use a five-stage approach to build your financial plan. Once your plan is designed, we hold up to four annual meetings depending on your needs:

STAGE 1: Let's Meet

  • Conversation and mutual evaluation about how your family and your business are interconnected
  • Establish and prioritize your “important things”
  • Understanding your values and pain points

STAGE 2: Business & Personal Valuation

  • Getting an estimated range of the value of your business and personal financial assessment

STAGE 3: Getting Organized

  • Type of owner you are and your potential business transition options
  • Clarity on realistic, short term/simple things to de-risk your business while making it more attractive
  • Coordination gaps and missed financial planning opportunities

STAGE 4: Decision & Implementation

  • Do you want to continue to improve and grow the business or are you ready to get out?
  • Understanding of the monetary value of your business transition choice
  • Confidence in where you stand and what direction you’re heading
  • Receive your 1st version of your financial plan

STAGE 5: Execution & Protection

  • Continuous review, service, and proactivity
  • Consistent communication to help plan for and react to the things that are out of your control
  • Someone to be there for you that understands ALL aspects of your business and your family

ONGOING: Annual Meetings

  • Financial Plan Review
  • Risk Management Review
  • Wealth Management Review
  • Business Plan Review

Once YourBlueprint is executed, we provide continuous meetings year-round to re-assess and help ensure your goals are being met.

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