Individual Financial Planning

Our approach to financial planning is defined by a process that provides you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision. By taking a holistic, comprehensive approach, we work with you and your existing advisors to ensure your financial plan is coordinated and fully integrated. During your onboarding, we use a two-stage approach to build your financial plan. Once your plan is designed, we hold up to three annual meetings depending on your needs:

STAGE 1: Clarify & Envision

Introduction Meetings

  • Explore values, goals, coordination gaps and determine ideal client fit

Clarification & Projection Meeting

  • Verify monthly cash-flow, risk tolerance, and insurance needs
  • Build an interactive financial plan projection, test for contingencies
  • Collection of necessary documents

STAGE 2: Empower & Action

Plan of Action Presentation

  • Summarize plan, prioritize objectives

Implementation Meeting

  • Ensure that assets are invested in alignment with desired outcome and risk
  • Implement insurance strategies
  • Confirm communication plan

Personal Intro’s

  • Brainstorming people we should meet

ONGOING: Annual Meeting

  • Financial Plan Review
  • Risk Management Review
  • Wealth Management Review

Once YourBlueprint is executed, we provide continuous meetings year-round to re-assess and help ensure your goals are being met.

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