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Collaboration is Key

Backbone Planning Partners is a cross-disciplinary wealth management firm that specializes in family-owned/ closely held businesses and high net-worth individuals. As a small business owner, we believe your business and personal goals are intertwined, and we work to design a financial plan to support all aspects of your life.

We are your Go-To Resource for Business, Estate, Retirement, and Investment Planning:

  • Intellectual Capital
  • Process
  • Advanced planning techniques for business owners and high net-worth individuals

Specialized credentials in the following areas:

  • Austin Peterson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional
  • Chartered Life Underwriter® (CLU®)
  • Certified Business Exit Counselor® (CBEC®)
  • Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA®)
  • Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor® (CPFA®)

We work with a group of professionals to help give you the most researched solutions to fit your business and personal goals. We collaborate with other advisors to understand your specific needs and present options to put you in charge of making decisions.

The Lincoln Planning Department is a resource with unmatched expertise in serving business owners and their families. Between our practice and the Lincoln Planning Department, thousands of clients have been served in the areas of succession planning, estate and insurance planning, and complete customized wealth management.

Landon Mance and Austin Peterson are members of the Business Intelligence Institute (BII), a Lincoln Financial Advisors initiative focusing on business succession strategies. It is a collaborative group that shares resources to specifically serve the business community. BII is focused on supporting the needs and goals of business owners to help them grow, preserve, protect, and transfer their life's work through holistic financial planning and informed decision making.

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